The Gold Cube blank tray allows is perfect for mounting the Trommel and avoiding mounting onto the original water tray. When you install the Trommel it usually goes on the Gold Cube water tray (the very top tray) but you can mount it also on a blank tray. This blank tray also is perfect for experimenting with other matting


Special Order: Please contact us for specific lead times.

Product Description

The Gold Cube blank tray is missing a mat. Why?  Due to the popularity of the Gold Cube and the world famous “Vortex Mat”, many Entrepreneurs have designed matting that they claim works better. You now have the option of deciding for yourself by supplying a blank tray that you can experiment with.  Please do not harm any animals or entrepreneurs  in the making of you new “Supercharged” gold cube.  And please do not blame us…we’re just giving you the raw material, you supply the brains.