Deluxe KK-6 (Kwik Kiln 6″) Propane Furnace Kit


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The modular midsize kiln. If our mini kwik kiln is too small for your needs and our KK-8 too large, well, here is a perfect size!

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Product Description

Deluxe Kit includes:


(1) A0.5 graphite clay crucible

Clay Crucible Pedestal

14” Tongs,

Melting Flux 1 pound

GPK Premium Gold Flux 1 pound

Graphite Single Conical Mold (picture shows loaf mold, which is incorrect)

Liner Maintenance Kit

Instructions Manual


Model name: KK-6

Height: 7”

Width: 6” Diameter

Chamber: 3” Diameter x 4” Tall

Weight:3 lb 12 oz

Propane Fired: Requires (2) 6000 BTU Torches (Bernzomatic TS4000 or equivalent)

Stainless Steel Exterior

Alumina refractory interior safe for up to 2300F

Modular design

Note: Pencil tip torches are not sufficient for this size kiln.
*** This Product Must be special ordered ***