GPK Deluxe Kwik Kiln II Melting Kit


Over 6000 sold! Portable propane fired kiln designed to melt precious metals with speed and ease. Melt 1 to 6 oz of fine placer gold (1 to 3 oz silver) – take it to the field with you!

Product Description

 Kit includes 4″ OD x 4″ tall kwik kiln, (2) NAC-500 mini graphite crucibles, (1) graphite 2 oz gold (1 oz silver or copper) loaf mold, 6″ scissor tongs, 3 oz white melting flux.  Propane bottles not included. MT200 Features:
  • Easier to use puts out more heat
  • Reaches melting temperature in 10 minutes without over-firing.
  • Orifice and head are larger
  • Able to turn it up higher without pencil flame protruding in the combustion chamber
  • Less grooving of the graphite crucible
  • Easier to regulate
  • The flame is more stable; can set canister down after lighting without having to re-adjust flame.
  • Made of all solid brass
  • Made in the USA
Please note: This mini kiln is not recommended for smelting ore concentrates, due to the limited capacity for both cons and refining flux 1 to 3 ratios.